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Donna Whitmore

Donna's love of dogs comes from growing up in a pack of them kept by her animal loving parents. Donna entered her first dog show in 1967, with Misty (a beagle / chihuahua mix). Misty won first place for the smallest dog. Since then many wonderful dogs have shared their lives with Donna and the last dog in particular - Cricket was very special.

Donna started teaching people to train dogs in 1985, and later began teaching for Deep River Dog Obedience, the Champlain Dog Club and the Pembroke Animal Hospital. Since then she has trained thousands of dog / handler teams to work together and have fun.

Donna has attended hundreds of dog training conferences, seminars and is active in training her Australian Shepherd's, Zoom and Haley, in CARO, CKC and AAC. She now trains dog / handler teams, and dog training instructors.

Donna's favourite dog sport is CARO rally obedience. She is both a judge and competitor. "I love Rally-O, the kind where the family mutt is taken to the show and can compete for fun and earn titles. It requires very little equipment and yet offers excitement for both ends of the leash. The dogs love the sport!"

Evaluator for Therapeutic Paws of Canada

Cricket - 1993-2008

AAC starters, AAC Advanced, Masters, CGC-Habac, CARO Novice, Advanced and Excellent-all MCL. Founding Member St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Pembroke Branch, TPOC Therapy - Dog Child Certified, School volunteer - bite prevention -OSPCA volunteer - bite prevention, Champlain Dog Club CCD, CCDX. Camp Dogwood North 3 x Iron Dog Firsts. Loving family pet.

"Cricket was instrumental in the development of my career as a dog trainer. No matter what I asked her to do she would always try her best. She taught me to read dogs and speak dog." - Donna Whitmore


Agility and obedience classes for all dogs
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